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-Comparative Study of Recent Multimodal +====== ​Comparative Study of Recent Multimodal ​Evolutionary Algorithms ====== 
-Evolutionary Algorithms+ 
 +This page contains complimentary material for the paper Comparative Study of Recent Multimodal ​Evolutionary Algorithms ​((Pighetti, R., Pallez, D., & Precioso, F. (2015, December). "​Comparative Study of Recent Multimodal Evolutionary Algorithms"​. In Computational Intelligence,​ 2015 IEEE Symposium Series on (pp. 837-844). IEEE. [[https://​​publication/​282869185_Comparative_Study_of_Recent_Multimodal_Evolutionary_Algorithms|Available here]])). 
 +This includes the implementation of PNA-NSGA2 ((S. Bandaru and K. Deb,"A parameterless-niching-assisted bi-objective approach to multimodal optimization",​ in Evolutionary Computation (CEC), 2013 IEEE Congress on, June 2013, pp. 95–102. [[https://​​publication/​261038299_A_parameterless-niching-assisted_bi-objective_approach_to_multimodal_optimization|Available here]])) (denoted MMNSGAII on the plots), MOBiDE ((A. Basak, S. Das, and K. Tan, "​Multimodal optimization using a biobjective differential evolution algorithm enhanced with mean distance based selection",​ Evolutionary Computation,​ IEEE Transactions on, vol. 17, no. 5, pp. 666–685, Oct 2013. [[http://​​citation.cfm?​id=2719895|Available here]])) and NSGA-II (( K. Deb, A. Pratap, S. Agarwal, and T. Meyarivan, "A fast and elitist multiobjective genetic algorithm: NSGA-II",​ Trans. Evol. Comp, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 182–197, Apr. 2002. [[http://​​10.1109/​4235.996017|Available here]])) used to obtain the presented results, as well as results obtained for all the functions from the CEC2013 benchmark ((X. Li, A. Engelbrecht,​ and M. G. Epitropakis,​ "​Benchmark functions for cec’2013 special session and competition on niching methods for multimodal function optimization",​ Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning Group, RMIT University, Australia, Tech. Rep., 2013. [[https://​​mikeagn/​CEC2013|Available here]])). 
 +Implementations were done in JAVA using ECJ library (("A java-based evolutionary computation research system, ecj", [[http://​​~eclab/​projects/​ecj/​|Available here]], accessed: 2016-09-19.)). 
 +All the results are computed with a precision of 1e-3. 
 +{{:​doc:​|Source code (zipped)}} 
 +{{:​doc:​|Resulting plots (zipped)}} 
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