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Courses (mostly in French)

2 year university level in Computer Scicence (DUT Informatique)

Professional 3 year university level in Computer Scicence

Master level


  • Auto-Multiple Choice Since 2013/09, I discovered the existence of a free great tool (Auto-Multiple Choice) that every teacher should know. It allows you to make quizzes very quickly with automatic marking. Since I investigate it, some of my colleagues are using it (S. Lavirotte, D. Lingrand, G. Rey) and we share a lot of experiences on it. Congratulations to developpers of this software. A good french description is also avalaible here.
  • In 2011/09, I created f-PDF files thanks to LibreOffice that contains editable textfields and in which students can add textual information as answers to exercices. Then, thanks to iTextSharp Powershell library, it is possible to parse PDF documents and to easily extract students answers in text format. By this way, same document is used as the course support and answers to exercices. See Powershell Course for file examples.
  • In 2011/03, I was at the origin of a Erasmus teacher exchange in collaboration with Dr. Enda Dunican between Institute of Technology in Carlow and University Institute of Technology Nice-Côte d'Azur. I spent one week and I taught Introduction to versionning in english. The goal was to develop students exchange.
  • In 2003/04 and 2004/04, I spent two weeks at the Galatasaray University (Istanbul - Turkey) for teaching UML Modelling thanks to Minister of Foreign Affairs.
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